Urban Systems: Otumara, Lagos

Lagos is among the three biggest cities in Africa and among the twenty largest metropolitan regions in the world. Compared to the latter, Lagos has also one of the smallest infrastructures in the world. This is complicated by the fact that even the small and existing infrastructure is far from being fully operational. Since many decades, the state government struggles to provide the necessary basic urban services and systems to the people such as water supply, energy supply, mobility supply, waste management, or housing. As a result, the people themselves do jump (and have to jump) in to fill the gap. Against this backdrop, Lagos and the centrally located community Otumara in the Ebute Metta neighborhood will serve during the summer semester 2020 as a laboratory to investigate and develop future-proof and robust urban systems. The results of the urban design studio “Urban systems: Otumara, Lagos” serve as well as the basis for the DAAD funded fall school “Learning in Africa. Urban design, planning, and governance beyond top-down and bottom-up” (planned at the end of November 2020).


In Collaboration with:

Adeposi Adeogun, Chukwudumebi Asem, Linda Heiß, Vivienne Meyer, Boluwatife Soremi

Das Projekt Urban Systems: Otumara, Lagos schafft es sehr gut, die Komplexität des Stadtviertels in seiner Vielschichtigkeit zu erkennen und zu verstehen. Alle planerischen Ideen spiegeln sich in zukunftsorientierten, nachhaltigen und partizipativen Strategien des Projektes wieder.

Entstanden in

mit Prof.in Fabienne Hoelzel, Prof. Matthias Rudolph, AM Ute Vees, AM Christian Degenhart




in Zusammenarbeit mit:

Adeposi Adeogun, Chukwudumebi Asem, Linda Heiß, Vivienne Meyer, Boluwatife Soremi