Drawing by Ivana Arvizu
Drawing by Ivana Arvizu
Drawing by Ivana Arvizu
Drawing by Ivana Arvizu

FAT Studio

In my opinion, this studio was about rethinking architecture in general and questioning the usual methods of designing. We had to use the drawing as a way of thinking and understanding architecture and in this process, the architectural representation became the project itself, I had to become much more aware of what I wanted to show and how I wanted to show it. The designing process consisted on constantly questioning not only how to better illustrate my ideas but how to develop them through the drawing.

Entstanden in

mit Prof.in i.V. Hanna Noller M.A. / Prof. i.V. Sebastian Klawiter M.A. / FAT Studio, AM Natalie Weinmann


Lehrstuhl für Entwerfen, Architektur und Design
Chair of Architecture and Design



Prof. Charles Holland

Prof. Sam Jacob

Prof. Sean Griffiths





The Tumblr page is a collection of works done by the students of the FAT STUDIO during the summer semester 2020 at ABK Stuttgart. Please use menu at the bottom to search for a specific project brief or use the tag search field to explore the page by inserting for example: Sebastian Chavez, Claudia Gomez, Gordon Krauß, Fabian Klein, Linh Vu, Yannik Plachtzik, Xinyu Chen, Ivana Arvizu, Lucia Schreiber, Berivan Palantöken, Constanze Becker, Lea Eichelbrönner, Berat Kaymaz


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