Mobility comes to a trend in people ‘s life. It is a normal schedule for a commuter that flying to another city for a meeting and back home after work in the same day. Their work requires them to maintain a state of Move & Stand-by all the time. Nevertheless, this is also a challenge. Accompanied the frequent moving, the New Environment brings often a kind of unsafe feeling. And it increases the difficulties for these people who need to have a high concentration in their works.


By creating a transportable working space also as privacy protection, Escort provides a potential solution for carrying a familiar working environment during the trip. It is a waterproof handbag, which is suitable for a 15-inch computer and its accessories. When the bag is opening, it can maintain a 120-degree opening. The hardcovers of the bag can be used as working surfaces. And the origami construction on both sides creates sight isolation as privacy protection.

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mit Prof. Uwe Fischer, Aylin Langreuter / Prof. Christophe de la Fontaine, Prof. Christophe de la Fontaine, Prof. Aylin Langreuter, AM Benedikt Kartenberg

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50 cm × 30 cm × 5 cm